Laurie Bio Headshot
Laurie Wethington Sr. Registered Client Associate

I’ve been a registered client associate for eleven years working with Troy eight of those eleven years except for a brief “retirement” in 2020. Troy and I work together to help our clients navigate their financial journeys. I specialize in the administrative side of the business so Troy can concentrate on client’s investment goals and his fiduciary responsibilities. What I enjoy most about my job is talking to clients and making them feel comfortable with a sometimes not so comfortable part of their lives.

When I’m not working, I’m home with my retired husband Bob where I love to cook, garden, and take care of our four cats: Dash, Josie, Little Cat and Lexi. I’m not a crazy cat lady but getting close. We have two wonderful grown daughters, Lauren, and Alyssa and two amazing sons in law, Nick, and Nick (yes, they’re both named Nick) and I cannot forget to mention our six four legged grandkids, Raffi, Murphy, Axel, Boo, Roland (all cats) and Logan the pit bull. 😊